Guangzhou Forest Kindergarten a year tuition of 200,000 Hong Kong media: soil new choice

There have been arrangements for his son to test the mainland parents Chen said
According to the news network reported on September 16, Hong Kong media, said the local children in addition to the international school, the addition of a new choice. The first kindergarten in the Mainland will be opened at Guangzhou Scenic Town on the 12th of next month. The annual tuition will be $ 198,000 (RMB). The biggest feature is that there is a hundred acres of private forest. Let the children walk out of the book. The According to the Hong Kong "Oriental Daily" reported on September 16, for the new teaching model, there are school children like, but there are parents worried that the purse failed to load, discouraged. Bacheng time outdoor school The forest kindergarten by the Guangzhou Lion Infant School run. President Tian Xin said that the enrollment object is mainly for the families of children and elite families, in the curriculum, there will be more than Bacheng learning time in the outdoors, in addition to traditional disciplines, but also to provide outdoor survival, hand art, scientific enlightenment, cultivation and breeding And other different disciplines, so that children develop in many ways. Chen said that the child was very interested in the teaching model, and constantly asked her the next class time, so the decision to let his son into school; but also parents said that the pressure on the purse is very Big, to be carefully considered.

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