US federal government agencies were hackers attack 21.5 million people were leaked

This form includes employees of the US government
NEW YORK, July 10 / PRNewswire-FirstCall / - The US Federal Office of Personnel (OPM) announced that after more than 21.5 million Americans last month, US federal government agencies were hacked, Was stolen, which is nearly 6 times more than the original figures. According to reports, the US Personnel Administration report published the same day: "The investigation team is very sure that last month after the federal background investigation database was hacked, about 21.5 million Americans, including social security, including sensitive information Was disclosed. "The report said the affected persons included 19.7 million government employees involved in background investigations, as well as 1.8 million family members of government employees. The Bureau of Personnel also noted that hackers could have stolen almost all of the background checks conducted after 2000. The report said the figure was nearly six times higher than the number released by the US government last month. On April 4, the US Federal Personnel Administration announced that the database was hacked and about 4 million federal employees were stolen. Some media, including the Associated Press, reported that the affected federation With more than 14 million employees, the US Department of Personnel said on the 9th, after further investigation found that more database systems have been attacked.The report also reiterated that the stolen information has not yet been found to be abused and continue to spread The report states that US law enforcement and intelligence personnel are currently most concerned about the disclosure of information called SF-86s form, which includes a number of US government employees, including military and contract workers. Leaked, hackers can use this information to fool the federal officials, steal more people's information, and even do not work for the government His current time on the 8th, the United States FBI Secretary Komi report to the Congress pointed out that the hacker's behavior caused great damage, tens of millions of government records were stolen, which also includes his own social security number. Security Minister Johnson also said that investigators have collected "strong evidence", pointing to the main suspects of a large-scale network attack on government information earlier this year, which caused millions of federal government employees to the applicant's national security checks personal information was leaked. in addition, a federal employee unions' national financial employees union (NTEU) "8 Ri sued the US Office of personnel Management in District Court Northern District of California, said the council faced hacker network theft, did not protect the privacy of federal employees, resulting in a lot of personal information exposed, violated the constitutional rights of union members. the union has 85,000 members. union president Kelly said that the theft of personal information, and the vital interests of employees the impact of information security to produce, not a month or two can be eliminated, thus Ask the federal government to provide lifelong personal credit monitoring and identity theft protection, Office of Personnel Management has not yet stand on this litigation on those affected.

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